TEFLspain.org – Even more b.s. than usual!

Oh, where to start with this one? Well, they’ve got some of the usual suspects:

Typos and grammar mistakes

“Our goal is to be among the Worlds best in English language teaching and training;”

Completely incoherent sentences:

“Designed around established principles and proven techniques of foreign language teaching our on-site courses equip you.”

“It is, therefore, of great advantage and benefit to get your training in a culture than your own.”

Special offers (two of them!)

Then it starts to get really weird. There are loads of references to an international chain of schools, but no mention of what the chain is or links to other schools in the chain:

“TEFL Spain in Granada is part of an International (global) network of training centres which began in the 1990s.”

(The odd use of capitals to make things seem more impressive (?) is also sprinkled through the site.)

And ditto with moderation.

“All of our courses are both internally and externally moderated”, and then not a single other detail!

But it’s all okay, because it’s a CTEFL!

“The 4-week onsite Teacher Training Programme presented by TEFLSpain is a CTEFL (Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language). This qualification, often referred to simply as a TEFL, but also a TESOL certificate, gives the bearer the right to work virtually anywhere in the World.”

I’m guessing “the World” is a theme park, maybe a bit like Tobu World, because in my world (small w) “CTEFL” means nothing at all.

I therefore award TEFL Spain four turds out of five for TEFL course bull:

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3 Responses to TEFLspain.org – Even more b.s. than usual!

  1. TEFLista says:

    It’s amazing how many courses of no substance are out there (and taking people’s money). And like Thailand, Spain, too, seems to be a bit of a hotbed for many of these. The TEFLspain.org website is total fluff, but I did like the catchy photo of the flamenco dancer!

    TEFL newbies stumbling upon this post from a Google search might also be interested in reading the TEFL Cert series:

    6 Ways TEFL Certificate Courses Try to Rip You Off

  2. Ian Player says:

    I just love the photo. Can’t wait for a 5-turd.

  3. Andalublue says:

    I was also intrigued by the reference to an International (global) network of training centres. I wanted a 4-week intensive teaching course in Granada and found this one. I then found that a number of other Google searches showed me what sounded like exactly the same course but offered by other organisations such as Cactus and TEFLCorp. I found it all quite confusing, especially when served up in pretty poorly constructed English. I think I may be giving this one a miss. Anyone know of a good 4-week intensive TEFL teaching course in Granada?

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