The least pointless of my 1000 posts

That’s right, not only does this being my one thousandth post mean that I have wasted hundreds of hours writing this blog, the fact that it’s some kind of a greatest hits collection means that I’ve frittered away another three hours trawling through them all to make this kind of best of. After all that I doubt anyone will agree with the list below, so in the unlikely event you have a favourite TEFLtastic post, please give it a mention. Or you could recommend one of the list below to other readers, as I really couldn’t waste yet another hour slimming the list down…

In chronological order:

X in the classroom

Big Teacher (proposal for a TEFL version of Big Brother)

Preparations for the TEFL Olympics on schedule (ditto for a TEFL Olympics)

How not to hate the natives


Don’t do the CELTA

Is a good teacher really a good investment?

CPD = Exploitation?

TEFL bloggers of the world unite!

An appeal to TEFLers everywhere

Are you a TEFL otaku? (questionnaire)

The conundrums of being an ETP Part One

The best of English Teacher X Part One

25 ways to get away with being a crap English teacher

25 motivational messages for TEFL teachers

25 ways to be the best TEFLer you can be

The complete dream dictionary for TEFL teachers

The complete list of slogans for crappy English schools

Copyright and the TEFL teacher

TEFL jobs glossary

The secrets to being happy as a TEFL teacher

The new Cambridge SELTA

101 easy TEFL blog posts

The best of English Teacher X Part Two

15 reasons to TEFL on Twitter

An alternative to Twitter for TEFLers

My Personal Learning Network

Is a bad one-to-one teacher more useful than pairwork?

Why I’m not annoyed by the TEFL dossers

ELT Publishing trendspotter

Does better pay really lead to better teaching?

How can we increase TEFL pay?

Breasts in ELT (with questionnaire!)

Money saving tips for TEFLers

TEFL as often private education- often good or often bad?

The CLT Robot

ELT Publishing Trendspotter 2010 Part One

What was the biggest change in TEFL in the noughties?

A new motto for TEFL

Evidence-based teaching?

The possible effects of theory on teaching

How much change do you really want?

Things I feel unambiguous about in TEFL

The best TEFL bits of Chasing Ladies blog (TEFL blogging history and humour)

Oh, those halcyon days when

Do no harm?

CELTA graduates to go through 24 hour teaching ordeal

My philosophy of teeth cleaning

TEFLing is like parenting because…

TEFL fever

I’ll be taking a break from blogging while I’m back in the UK for ten days stocking up on Marmite and PG Tips, so hopefully that will keep you busy until I get back!

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9 Responses to The least pointless of my 1000 posts

  1. 🙂 there are actaully a few in here I haven’t read yet! Oh goody!

    Have a good break,

  2. Jimmy says:

    All good stuff again Alex, nice one.

  3. Adam says:

    Give credit to Jason Renshaw for your hidden gems list!

  4. ar, now, see Adam, credit is an interesting thing… Alex regularly posts these lists up (as do I in monthly batches – Shelly, Larry etc etc) and by the way, the hidden gems started with me actually… in BELTfree discussion forum (when we still had the forum option) then it was picked up by Darren where it spread like wildfire and was excellent series and then finally was blog-zumped by the Raven… )

  5. Jimmy says:

    Good memories of BELTfree. . . . learned a lot from that, also Shelley and Larry. So much going on here. Remember buying Jason a beer at IATEFL 2 yrs ago, a great guy with some profound insight, and very down to earth. Times are changing but guys like Alex help us keep pace, and I value this.

  6. Fantastic list, Alex!! So many posts to work my way through. A wonderful way to procrastinate while supposedly lesson-planning…but still feel like I’m doing something about teaching! Wahoo 🙂
    Enjoy England – yay for Marmite (although I know you’re talking about that icky runny English stuff, instead of the lovely, dense New Zealand version), and PG Tips (Dad, you know the piano’s on my foot? No, but you hum it, son, and I’ll play it…).

  7. BerLingo says:

    Hi Alex,
    I have just stumbled across your blog as I start dipping my toe in the (icy? murky? I like to go for exciting for the time being at least!) waters of ELT – I love your droll and achingly British sense of humour.
    I have recently set up my own tiny little space on the interweb and am enjoying it thus far. I’m moving to Berlin to do my CELTA and try this ELT malarkey ‘full time’ (ie. giving up my publishing job to be a destitute English teacher but have a bloody good time drinking all the Weißbier between lessons) so I’m now off to read your post on why the CELTA is pointless 😉
    Thanks again,
    Rachel (UK, at least until mid-April)

  8. sellickRobert says:

    Great start for new academic year – your resources excellent and ludicrous too! Inspiring!

  9. alexcase says:


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