The big list of big lists of teacher talk

When I say “teacher talk”, I mean English words and phrases that teachers can use in class to improve the amount and quality of language in their interactions. Not only is that an infinite topic, but I had a severe case of the brainstorming over-enthusiasm that I mentioned in my Why We Really Do post on worksheets and so the lists just came and came! eventually saved me from myself by saying enough is enough, so this should be a definitive list, although I am hoping to use those lists to do some language development exercises for teachers…

In no particular order, so please skim before clicking. The pron one is my personal favourite.

The big list of ending the lesson language

The big list of language for playing games

The big list of language for talking about lessons (useful for people who team teach etc)

Useful classroom language when using texts

Useful classroom language when teaching pronunciation

Classroom language when doing arts and crafts

The big list of discipline words and phrases

A phraselist of classroom praising, consoling and encouraging

Classroom management phrases

Classroom language for moving around

Classroom language for doing listenings

Classroom phrases for using the whiteboard

Classroom language for starting lessons

My older list of links, which doesn’t have the latest ones here but also has teacher training worksheets and articles, is here.

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