Getting to Know You games and activities

As useful as it might be for people starting new classes around now, I thought a whole blog post just to big up my new article on finding things in common was a bit too much blowing my own trumpet even for me. I’ve therefore spent a few minutes finding some other bits and pieces of mine on the same topic. Come to think of it, that just makes it even more me me me… Oh well, here it is anyway:

Things in common (article with game ideas, also very good for class dynamics)

The Yes Game, Question Chains and One Lie, described near the top of this article on Speaking Games for False Beginners.

Man and Wife (based on the old game show Mr and Mrs)

Form filling Getting to Know You (good for the start of writing courses)

And an older and more game-like version:

Megaform questions and guessing game worksheet

Needs analysis interviews pairwork

And totally unrelated but probably also good for this time of year:

15 ways of learning students’ names

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  1. Adam says:

    Insert one of those SPAM comments ‘here’. Seriously, though, very timely and thank you.

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