English Droid is back!

My post on this classic and long lost site wasn’t supposed to be a campaign for its return as I thought that Simon Barne had done a Jim Thompson on us and so made it impossible, but the man himself ended up there with messages to give us hope and yesterday announced that almost the whole site is back up. Onto the next campaign then- how about Bring Back the Anti-Grammar Grammar Book?

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10 Responses to English Droid is back!

  1. leozeh says:

    English droid was probably one of the best websites in the EFL field. Always cracked me up, especially during my CELTA.

    I think the Anti-Grammar Grammar book is back. Bought a copy last year and got rid of my photocopied version!

    keep up the good work, Alex!

  2. Tyson says:

    The Anti-Grammar Grammar Book is alive and well (in all its cheaply designed cover yet fantastic interior content glory). Readily available at English Central (http://englishcentral.net).

  3. Alex Case says:

    Great news. Any other candidates for revival then?

  4. Hurrah! Best bit of news from the ELT blogosphere this summer!

  5. Yayyy! Thanks for sharing the good news!

  6. My PGCE mentor is married to John Shepheard, so I could email and find out the situation…

  7. Simon Barne says:

    How about bringing back the Language Fun Farm? What has become of Sab Will?

  8. Joolz says:

    YES! Kiss kiss kiss (or beers if you’d prefer) to Simon for bringing t’Droid back. It was away far too long.

  9. Mark M Jakarta says:

    Marvellous news. I hope all is well with you, Simon. I am pleased to see this back as it can put a whole new generation of ELT teachers in their places, with their newbie enthusiasm. Now spreading this link around Jakarta like a bad case of underwear invaders.

  10. alexcase says:

    Just found that it has gone yet again, unfortunately, so back to my post with the remains: https://tefltastic.wordpress.com/2010/05/12/english-droid/

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