This month’s supply of TEFL articles and reviews

Starting with mine, then a selection of others:

Thinking Time in ELT

Finding a balance in the use of competition

Level tests v Placement tests

Using Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush in EFL classes (loads of variations, extensions and useful links)

The Developing Teacher (Delta publishing book on CPD) review

Primary Music Box (CUP photocopiable book with CD) review by Michelle Worgan

Teach TEFL DVD review by Carmela Chateau (DVD for teacher trainers to use in sessions)

Hip Hip Hooray! review by Lara Promnitz-Hayashi (Primary textbook for Pearson)

English Today review  by Dave Allen (journal from Cambridge)

TKT Training Activities CD ROM review by Malcolm Prentice (teacher training CD ROM- a first?)

Hot Spot 4 review  by Orlando Savage (Macmillan textbook for young teenagers- gap in the market?)

I’ve also got an article on alternatives to the (tired) old mingle/ Find Someone Who in MET magazine this month, and will have one on emailing games in the next edition. Coming up on will be articles on body vocabulary games etc and cultural pointers to look out for when teaching Korean students.

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