Ten blogs that are dead (to TEFL) but are still worth reading

I’ve been nominated by a couple of people to take part in‘vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog’. This translates as “Try to find ten blogs that no one has nominated yet, like a birthday boy who is having a party on the same day as someone really popular still trying to find anyone to invite to their sad shindig”, and is the latest thing going round the TEFL blogosphere that I am two weeks late for, like my grandfather suddenly sitting up an hour after lunch to say “Was someone talking about soup? Did I ever tell you about the time…?” As there seems to be no one left to come to my party, and anyway as a Guardian reader I am supposed to be anti competitive games and making anyone feel left out, I’ve thought of a slight variation that will tie in with my recent History of TEFL Blogs theme:

Ten blogs that are dead (to TEFL) but are still worth reading

Some have stopped blogging, others have very sensibly done a few years of TEFL and moved on, and two are still going but on different blogs. One has disappeared completely, but I managed to save some highlights before it did. All are still well worth having a look at. In no particular order:

1. Life of Mike UPDATE – Blog now deleted

2. Notes from the TEFL Graveyard http://notesfromtheteflgraveyard.blogspot.com/

3. Teacher in Development http://teacherindevelopment.blogsome.com/

4. TEFLogue http://www.tefllogue.com/

5. Chase Me Ladies, I’m in the Cavalry (takes a bit of searching to find the TEFL bits, so see here for my highlights of this blog in my next post) http://chasemeladies.blogspot.com/

6. Saw You On the Flipside (teaching category here: http://www.lo-la.co.uk/tag/teaching/ )

7. EFL Droid- cheating with this one, as it would be worth looking at but has totally gone. Instead, all the bits I could salvage coming up in a blog post here very soon.

8. Sandy Macmanus’s old blog- ditto, but highlights already saved and published by me just before it was scrapped, might get around to putting them back up soon

9. TEFL Blacklist: http://teflblacklist.blogspot.com/

10. EFL Skeptic: http://eflskeptic.wordpress.com/

Any nominations for this category from anyone else?

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2 Responses to Ten blogs that are dead (to TEFL) but are still worth reading

  1. Adam Simpson says:

    Hi Alex. I’d definitely nominate Lindsay Clandfield’s ‘Six Things’. Lindsay performed miracles in having a TEFL blog on which he very often wrote about non-TEFL topics, whilst at the same time managing to get many people to deliver guest posts. So successful was he that the blog was still receiving nominations for ‘education blog of the year’ ages after he officially declared it closed.

  2. alexcase says:

    Good nomination. It was still very much alive when I wrote this – should probably do an update.

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