New game-like worksheets March 2010 Part Two

Worksheet for MyStoryMaker online storytelling (see Sean Banville’s blog for more details on using that site)

Company buffet meeting (if they can talk about food, they can do the language of meetings- with a little bit of culture sprinkled on top)

Famous Australians subject questions quiz

Household countable and uncountable guessing game

Talking about photos extended speaking

People around you vocabulary

Korean cultural codewords language of generalisation

National theme parties will for offers game

Testing vocabulary definitions game

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2 Responses to New game-like worksheets March 2010 Part Two

  1. Adam says:

    Well done Alex, now go get some well earned sleep.

  2. Neil Barker says:

    Thanks for those resources. I’m going to use some of the questions from the Korea culture codewords and company buffet meeting worksheets in my discussion class today.

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