Random TEFL ideas Part Two- TEFLstats.com

I finally realised a couple of years ago that there was so little chance of me following through on any of my ideas long enough to make money on them that I might as well just give them away, hence the scrappy but hopefully useful worksheets on here and telling a publisher who had finally accepted my book proposal “Can’t you just give the idea to Jon Marks to write?” Hence also blog posts on Big Teacher, the TEFL legal fund and whathaveyou. The Speed Mentoring post has prompted me to write a few more that I’ve had in my mind for a while.

The idea behind TEFLstats is that, in contrast to all other TEFL sites, it would only include numbers. These numbers would be submitted by the readers and the site owner, and could be of any kind at all, e.g.

– Numbers of teachers in particular countries, schools or chains

– Numbers of schools in particular cities, countries or chains

– Ditto for students learning English

– Hours of English studied in particular countries and school systems

– Ages students typically start and finish English

– Cost of courses

– Pay for teachers, e.g. in a particular school, from a survey of a jobs page

– Pay increments, e.g. for having a diploma

– Classroom hours

– Results of surveys, e.g. reasons people are taking the CELTA, what percentage of schools advertising or phoned said they accepted online certs when recruiting teachers

– Pass rates for particular TEFL cert, EFL exam etc.

– Data from TEFL research

– Published or personal estimates of any of these for the whole word

– Rankings of countries (e.g. by TOEIC score- as meaningless as that is, students taking international exams, countries international students are from, by entrance test level in a school in London)

– Graphs, e.g. of number of job listings on the 5 most popular sites

There would be places to put the name of the person submitting the information, source of the information, details of who exactly it refers to (e.g school and branch name) etc, but those can be left blank by people who want to retain some kind of anonymity, or could be given but made only available to the site owner (i.e. three possible privacy settings). Apart from that, all the information would be available to everyone who visited the site, both as raw data and as pages of analysis by the site owner or readers.

Anyone fancy setting that up, then? I’d be happy to submit numbers as I come across them, but otherwise will be flitting onto my next passing fancy and so you’ll get no other help from me…

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20 Responses to Random TEFL ideas Part Two- TEFLstats.com

  1. Dave says:

    I won’t be setting anything up, but I do like the idea of comparing pay scales around the world.

  2. 26 Letters says:

    Fantastic idea if someone sets it up…

  3. Adam says:

    I love abusing statistics as much as the next person, so bring it on.

  4. Adam says:

    OK, I registered the domain, now I await more comments on how people think this should proceed.

  5. 26 Letters says:

    It would be too much for one person to take on. It would need to be a collective effort…..

  6. Alex Case says:

    wow, thanks adam. initially, i think the main page should be a form through which people can enter all kinds of different stats, e.g.

    kind of number- e.g. pay, number of students, pass mark
    what it refers to- e.g. country, name of school
    dates number refers to-
    details of person entering data- with the choice to make each piece of personal info private or public, or leave it out

    you could then let people flick through the previous entries in reverse chronological order, only organising the info later

  7. Alex Case says:


    international house worldwide chain
    March 2010
    Alex Case

  8. teflisshit says:

    The stats would be pitiful and IH are like Bell-perhaps they were good once but now the pay is arse. Bell are advertising 11 month contracts in Saudi and have dropped the pay from 12-9 ooo Riyals. Shared accomodation the list of dross goes on

  9. Adam says:

    I’ve set up what’s somewhere between a blog and a social network. Anyone can join, start their own blog, form groups and so on.

    Could a few people please sign up and we’ll check the functionality, how it looks, etc.

  10. Alex Case says:

    I’m never big on social nteworking, but I really don’t see how it could work in this case. What you need are a mix of wiki pages (stats about TEFL in Japan, stats about Bell etc) and forum pages where peoplecan put any other random stats or call out for particular numbers

  11. Alex Case says:

    heres the active bit so far, for those that are interested:


    Thats nice, but Id get rid of all prose and put number plus meaning each time, e.g.

    37- number of teachers convicted of panty theft

    then dates, source, person submitting it

  12. Adam says:

    I put that up as an example.

    Things like a wiki and a forum would be easy enough to add. Let me know what you think people.

  13. Alex Case says:

    If you change the Korea page into a wiki, I’d be very interested in doing some research and submitting some numbers

  14. Sara Hannam says:

    Panty theft aside (does anyone actually say “panties” in your house Alex?!), I think this is a good idea. Am really interested in in seeing the results. Thanks for thinking of it. Wd like to input in the Greek section if you want. Sd be a wiki or other platform where everyone can contribute.

  15. Mark Bain says:

    I see I’m a bit late to the party, but can I just say that it sounds like a great idea. Adam, you’ve got off to a flying start with the WordPress site, but I think a wiki the answer. Can I recommend MediaWiki? Wikipedia uses MediaWiki, it’s free and open source. Wikis have discussion sections, so a forum wouldn’t be necessary.
    If you need any help setting it up, let me know.

  16. Alex Case says:

    If possible, I’d keep the main page as a blog, with one permanent post at the top explaining the aims and rules of the site and then posts underneath announcing recent pages, starting related discussions etc. The two other sections would be the Wiki and the forums. Let’s Japan has exactly that format:


    I see Mark’s point, but I’d still have forums because there are some people who just won’t get involved in Wikis.

    The wiki pages could be on:
    – chains of schools, e.g. an EF page
    – countries

    – particular qualifications, e.g. CELTA
    – particular EFL exams, e.g. TOEIC


    Forums could be used for calls for particular kinds of data, links to articles with numbers in, etc

  17. Alex Case says:

    PS, I do feel guilty putting all this work on your plate! I’ll try to be more helpful when it comes to the most important bit, which is getting people involved

  18. Alex Case says:

    Hi Sara

    It’s an L2 interference thing, used in Japanese, but only by pervs (pants or shitagi being the normal words)

  19. Adam says:

    Thanks for the input. I’ll have a little play around and let you know.

  20. Alex Case says:

    Thanks Adam

    Just occured to me that any forum will need to have the option of anonymous comments. I think ESLteachersboard has this function

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