A new motto for TEFLtastic

Seems like a New Year kind of a thing to do…

Now that I have my middle name sorted (Alex “I don’t do Twitter” Case, apparently), thought it was time to work on a motto for the blog. I did “All the truth that’s fit to teach” for a while, which I still like but has always had zero connection to the actually very tame content here. One of my friends called my blog “Nicely incoherent”, which is a definite candidate. A fellow blogger told me that she first discovered mine through a worksheet search but then ended up wasting time on one of my whimsical pieces instead, leading to the top two of these other attempts:

– “TEFLtastic- She came for the worksheets, she stayed for the attempts at humour”

– “TEFLtastic- Some people have been known to come back for more”

– “TEFLtastic- Far more ideas and worksheets than could possibly be useful”

– “TEFLtastic- Still trying to work out what is going on after 2 ½ years”

– “TEFLtastic- He doesn’t know when he’s joking either”

Any other ideas?

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10 Responses to A new motto for TEFLtastic

  1. Eric Roth says:

    Ever surprising, usually practical, and never dull?

  2. Sputnik says:

    If we’re allowed to pun on your name – ‘Not quite open and shut’, or ‘Get off it’, or ‘Putting forward a strong one’, or ‘Borderline’, or, my favourite, ‘Hopeless’.

  3. Here are my contributions:

    TEFLTastic – Here before all you lot, will likely be around long after you’re gone

    TEFLTastic – Been there, done that

    TEFLTastic – An offer you can’t refuse

    TEFLTastic – All the TEFL that’s fit to blog

  4. “TEFLtastic- She came for the worksheets, she stayed… she comes back weekly for the humour”

    though I must say Sputnik has a good point though, perhaps “never quite open or shut”


  5. Tara Benwell says:

    TEFLTastic-the blogger that will never get accused of tweeting his own horn. That’s @TEFL’s job. 🙂

  6. SandyM says:

    “TEFLTastic – all the Tefl news that’s spastic!”

    Good one, eh?! Or what about this one…

    “TEFLtastic – Just when you thought you’d joined a profession…”

    Or this: “TEFLtastic – worksheets and a whole lot less!”

    Is that enough from me?

  7. “TEFLtastic – quite good”

  8. Alex Case says:

    Thanks for the flattery, ego deflaters and serious suggestions. Like Alex “Not quite open and shut” Case as a middle name, but haven’t decided on the blog one yet.

  9. Oliver says:

    This has to be the right one: “TEFLtastic (TEFLtasty?) – worksheets and wankery”. Eh, what d’yer think, Alex?

  10. Alex Case says:

    Sandy, at least wait until I ban you to start using pseudonyms (and well known ones at that…)

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