New TEFL articles etc October 2009

Chuseok holiday came just at the right point for me, so for once you can actually read my articles in the month which they are supposed to be for:

Natural Interactions (in HLT magazine for the first time in many years, so you get to see my softer, feely touchy side*)

How to use the Primary iDictionary CD ROM in class (in which I get a whole article out of trying to write a review- recommended technique for lazy TEFL writers!)

Can-do statements in preschool English classes (in which I jump on the CEF bandwagon, despite usually slagging it off as over-rated)

Questions to ask about a new kindergarten English class (in which I get carried away with question marks)

35 Present Perfect Simple and Continuous games (in which I get carried away with grammar games but the tranquilizers hit when I reach 35)

Explaining the Present Perfect Continuous tense

And in case you think this Case is entirely self-centred, here are some favourite bits and pieces this month from elsewhere, in approximate order of interest:

The TEFL Catch 22 and how we can all escape it on Good Dave’s ELT World blog

Philip Kerr’s guest piece on Lindsay Clandfield’s blog, Six Things About Multiple Intelligences That You Might Not Know

An Interview with John and Liz Sores on TEFLtradesman

In defence of course books and Can non experts teach ESP Part Two on Specific English

An awful lot of Turklish TEFL

A substantial percentage of the Delta Development Blog

A good deal of stuff on Lives of Teachers, Darrrrenn Ellliottt’s new blog

* or not

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9 Responses to New TEFL articles etc October 2009

  1. So you noticed! Lurker……

  2. Wow! Just read that Goethe guy on the ESL daily….. makes you wonder where TEFL gets it’s bad rep *ahem*

  3. Hi Alex,

    Will go and check some of these out. Thanks for all the comments on my blog by the way, which really got the thing going. You had the bit between the teeth I could see!


  4. Alex Case says:


    Lurker means “reader”, so it’s a good thing, right?


    No thanks needed, couldn’t stop myself!

  5. Yes… nice to have you. Please enjoy!

  6. Alex Case says:

    Very interesting contributions from commenters on the Can-Do statements article, so more comments from more people over there would be great

  7. David V. says:

    Cheers for the mention, I’ve had a bad case of the old pig flu which is why I haven’t done part 2 yet.

    Hope you and all who frequent here are doing OK.

  8. Alex Case says:

    Sorry to hear that David. Lucky you weren’t in East Asia, or you could’ve caused another “TEFL teachers spread diseases” story. Hope you’re feeling better

  9. Goethe says:

    I noticed poster Darren Elliott’s mistaken use of the abbreviated it’s. Just wondered where TEFL gets its bad reputation from. Ahem

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