New TEFL articles etc June 2009

Here is this month’s supply, perfect for reading while your students do their end of term tests:

Using with EFL young learner classes (a great way of doing dialogue writing etc, with link to worksheet)

18 fun activities on the topic of amusement parks (a fab topic with kids and teenagers, tied in with feelings vocab, videos etc)

23 uses for pelmanism and SNAP

Yet another 15 ways to make writing interactive (including writing game ideas)

32 variations on pelmanism

You could also take a look at yet another 30 minutes of my life wasted on navel gazing:

Alex Case does the Six Questions bit on the TEFLtradesman blog

And just to show that I’m willing to share the limelight just a little, here are a couple of articles and blog posts by others that I found interesting this month:

A linguist on the origin of Michael Jackson’s “ma ma se, ma ma se, ma ma coo sa” from the Language Log

Limits to Krashen’s ego? from The Linguist on Language

A review of the latest David Crystal book Just A Phrase I’m Going Through from Literal Minded (including my new favourite linguistics quote- 

“The early teens is a crucial period for language development. It’s a time when the child explores a vast number of linguistic worlds, and builds up a lexicon for talking about sex, politics, music, TV programmes (radio, in my day), sex, woodwork, stamps, sex, cars, boats, trains, planes, sex, and a great deal else” (p. 23)

My feud with DC seems to be over btw, in case you still can’t sleep nights fretting over that

A critical piece on Dogme being critical or not by Scott Thornbury (not on the critics of Dogme, which might be another piece and hopefully a chance to spread further the rumour that I got into a fight with ST)

And plenty more that I can’t track down, so you’ll have to waste your own freetime following Onestopblogs to find them…

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1 Response to New TEFL articles etc June 2009

  1. Alex Case says:

    Here’s a nice link:

    Meant to help you think of words that just aren’t coming to mind. Thanks for Language Hat for that one:

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