TEFL as extended adventure holiday Quote of the day

“They haven’t put a TEFL volunteer in Saranda since 1997, when the volunteer there had to escape via ferry to Corfu when the country erupted into civil war. His escape is profiled in the History Channel series Getting out Alive.”

Not the kind of thing the “have a TEFL adventure volunteer experience” companies like i to i usually tell you…

If you’d like to know more details about teaching in Albania and to freak out the poor blogger even more by strangers appearing on their blog (something mentioned in the same post), have a click here.

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1 Response to TEFL as extended adventure holiday Quote of the day

  1. Robert Nagle says:

    Here’s something to freak you out. I was looking for a TEFL blog to recommend to a teacher and came across this. I taught in Albania (and even wrote about the political event) and know the person in question. (Kelli somebody). Small world indeed.

    Oops, an even smaller world. I think I met that blog poster briefly in September when I was visiting Albania in September 2008. She was with a group of people who had been evacuated from Georgia.

    Anyway, lovely blog.

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