New articles and worksheets Nov 08 Part Two

As I haven’t said for a while, the real purpose of this blog isn’t pontificating on all things TEFL (not sure how I started doing that, maybe WordPress is haunted by a malevolent spirit?) but to give links to my articles and worksheets. And here are some more:

15 more ways to bring lucky chances into your classroom and lesson planning

Yet another 15 ways of boosting your teaching confidence

And there is so much new stuff on my worksheet pages that I can’t even remember what it all is, but I seem to remember most of it is in my grammar games and worksheets section, mainly about reported speech, Present Perfect Continuous and modal verbs.

Might I also suggest New Stuff November 08 Part One, which was obviously written when Xmas was much further away as I actually got round to tracking down individual worksheets and putting links to them.

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