TEFL stat of the day 14 October 2008


The number of Indian students in a school in Mumbai, India, who specifically wanted to get an American accent. Read the why and how here, including the great quote “I wanted a US accent because I am just a guy from a village”

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4 Responses to TEFL stat of the day 14 October 2008

  1. Sandy Mac says:

    Yeh, me too. I’ve wanted to speak English with an Indian accent, cos I’m just a guy from The Smoke. Or Ulster. And at least more people would understand me if I spoke Bollywood English!

  2. pLOLice says:


    [qoute]Judging by the daily queues outside the US consulate in Mumbai, there is no shortage of Indians wanting a taste of the American Dream[/qoute]

    What dream?

  3. Alex Case says:

    Another good newspaper story, this time on teaching in China.


    This bizarre quote is a bit of an aberration:

    “we instruct students through a process of language immersion and simulation, which in time invariably leads to proficiency.”

    You met many proficient students from China?? Me neither!

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