Dream dictionary for TEFL teachers Part Two

Did you know that what you dream about can tell you what will happen in your classes? Try reading the descriptions below and in Part One to find something you have dreamed about, and then write it in the aims section of your observed lesson’s lesson plan…

What animals in your dreams tell you about your future lessons:

A dog/ a moose – you will have an exceedingly ugly student with a crush on you

Horses – you will be distracted from your grammar explanations etc. by a student’s extremely odd teeth

Cats- One of your students will start singing along unprompted when you do Tom’s Diner in your Present Continuous lesson

A flying bird- You will escape TEFL

Rats- The management of your school will leave as they find out about the financial problems in the company, without telling any of the teachers

Parrots – Too much drilling will make your students repeat everything you say, including questions and game instructions

Ants – Your boss will introduce even more paperwork aimed at standardizing lessons

Bees/ wasps – Your seemingly happy students will complain about too many games in the end of term feedback sheets

Bears- One student will be so disgusted by the chest hair showing when you wear an open collar shirt that they will ask to change classes

Hyenas – A student with a loud laugh that distracts the other groups will join the class

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