Do you want the temporary buzz of moving on and/ or up too?

Doesn’t last of course, especially the initial thrill of being in the chaos of a third world city or in the chaos left for you by the last person who had that DoS job, but if having some kind of career plan gets you out of the bed in the morning with more motivation than I had six months ago, wth- got to be a good thing!

Whether your next plan is/ will be how to become a teacher trainer, an ELT author, a better teacher or just someone who is making an active effort to fight the boredom, we at TEFLtastic have the article for you on our totally updated page right here.

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2 Responses to Do you want the temporary buzz of moving on and/ or up too?

  1. JasMine olMo says:

    Hi! I love your stuff! All the information is very helpful =]

    I ahve been trying to find the answer to a particular question I have but have not found it yet and I was hoping you can help me out.

    I am from NY and I have been looking through job postings and I notice that almost all say that you need a BA. I am currently finishing up my BA and wanted to know if there is a particular major I have to have (besides having CELTA certification). My friend told me that I have to major in English but I do not know how accurate that info is. Please offer advice from your personal experience.

    Thank YOu

  2. alexcase says:

    Four years too late, but the answer is:
    Having a degree in English can sometimes help for some jobs, although often later in your career rather than for a first job. In some countries like Spain a degree in that language can also help. Any degree is fine for the vast majority of jobs though, with a good grade in a good four-week course and relevant experience having much more impact when applying for jobs.

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