Still teachers run deep

Still ruminating on the details my next big post, which will be “Why you should take the latest TEFL research with several buckets of salt”, but thought I should reassure my faithful reader(s?) that I haven’t abandoned you in the TEFL wilderness in the same week as Katie from TEFLlogue found a good man and hung up her TEFL blogging boots for good.

While I have been maintaining radio silence on TEFLtastic, I’ve been busy working on my two new blogs, JapanExplained (of which the English Words from Japanese explained, Japanese Education Explained  and Japanese Company Names Explained pages might interest TEFLers and other language buffs) and QuoteJapan. I’ve also written loads more new stuff for and put new Medical English worksheets and Business English and ESP games and worksheets here on TEFLtastic, including most as pdf for easy killing of trees with the photocopier.

You’ll be most excited to hear, though, that I will soon be available in your pocket. I’ll let your imaginations go on that one for a while before I give any details…

Talking of the power of imagination, I actually have no evidence at all on Katie de Teflogue’s love life, but the TEFL world needs some good gossip I reckon. I’m picturing her man coming into the English school halfway through class, picking her up and sweeping her out of a life of drudgery like Richard Gere in “An Officer and a Gentleman” (as also featured in the Simpsons episode where Marge takes bowling lessons)…

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4 Responses to Still teachers run deep

  1. Katie says:

    Hmmm…where is this Richard Gere-like man you mention?! You know of course Richard Gere was in a movie about Bosnia, so it is totally possible that I met him and we hit it off.

    I’m gearing up to write the book-length expose on my tefl logue experience and retirement….just wait….

  2. Alex Case says:

    So the Richard Gere-like man is Richard Gere?? Looking forward to that and other parts of your TEFL expose, including who is “Roger”??

  3. Katie says:

    Well … I see your comment on the tefl logue has no answer … what I know that Roger works for Bootsnall, the travel network/company that runs/owns/whatever the tefl logue. I am not totally clear on his role exactly but this is probably pretty common with internet stuff. Some of his writing is on other “logues” which you can reach from the right sidebar of the tefl logue.

    On the one hand, the latest post is pretty clearly an ad for an online tefl course. On the other, I resigned and left the blog which they probably pay something to maintain without a blogger … so I don’t feel that I can comment much on what they decide to do with it.

  4. Alex Case says:

    Good detective work!

    In defence of myself, it was an attempt to spread some doubt and tell him we were watching him whilst still being nice and giving him a chance.

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