Only 10 more teaching days till Christmas!

UPDATE: Full list of my own Xmas stuff now here.

So, I might have left this list of Xmas links for TEFL purposes a bit late, but here goes anyway:

ee cummings poem about Xmas with gaps and recording

A list of movies with a Xmas theme suitable for class or to recommend to students

A huge list of Xmas discussion questions (not to be given to students just like that unless you are planning a dossy lesson as an early Xmas present to yourself!)

And almost as huge a list, but this time discussion questions just about Santa from Breaking News English (a good site if not overused!), plus a few more Xmas ideas

A list of Xmas superstitions (a first conditionals worksheet on this coming up from me on soon)

And talking of Xmas stuff on, I can honestly say that all that stuff above from maybe 100 pages I looked at have not made me at all shy of my Xmas worksheets and they remain highly recommended, though I say so myself…(see also, Xmas themed posts below).

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