What is a lesson plan? (metaphors for teaching)

A great question in the comments box of the TEFLtastic Link Up post below from Sandy of TEFLtrade fame, almost Japanese T Shirt-like in the zen stages of enlightenment it can lead you to- first it seems silly and you laugh, then you think that maybe it hides a deeper truth, then Sophia Lorean approaches you with two green kittens held out in front of her,

then someone smacks you across the back because you were daydreaming when you should have been concentrating on meditation/ writing your blog/ planning this afternoon’s lessons…

Not up to the level of the classic “It’s the sound of one hand clapping” zen koan (puzzling statement meant to lead to enlightenment), but that question did lead me to some half-serious metaphors of lesson planning that I am hoping that someone will find of interest because I seem to be writing this instead of having lunch…

What is a lesson plan?

It’s something like asking a mother to plan how many times their baby is going to shit, puke, burp etc. at the beginning of the day, and a DELTA lesson observation is like judging them on whether it really happened that way.

Or alternatively, it’s like the sheep pen that you are trying to get your dog to herd the sheep into. Doesn’t really sound like teaching, but could be good practice for the teacher and students (and dog if you are taking that bit literally) for when the real teaching starts…

Or it’s like a to-do list. The people who should make one are far too lazy and disorganised to do so, and the people who do so and insist on sticking to it should just try to chill out and go with the flow a bit more instead.

Or it’s like a filing system for your CDs. It starts out as a way of making them easier to organise and saving time but then takes on a life of its own and can lead to tears and tantrums if anyone messes it up and use up more time than it saves.

Or it’s a crutch. Useful for making sure you don’t fall over, but not much use if you want to dodge, dive and dance around. Although possibly useful again when you have done your improv bit and need to get your breathe and inspiration back.

Anymore metaphors involving lesson planning (or dreams involving green kittens), please write them in the comments box below-

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