The Alternative EFL Jargon Dictionary Part Five

EFLuency- The ability to talk knowledgeably about teaching, dropping in a healthy dose of author names and recent TEFL jargon. As in speaking a language, (e)fluency is no way connected to the accuracy of what is being said, and is often the opposite.

An EFLex action- Doing teacherly things without any use of the conscious mind, e.g. automatically responding to any question by your two year old child by trying to elicit the answer from them.

The EFLuent- The dark, often smelly, side of the TEFL workforce

Full dictionary now here.

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7 Responses to The Alternative EFL Jargon Dictionary Part Five

  1. Katie says:

    See that smoke coming out of my ears? That means I am thinking, earnestly trying to come up with some new EFL-y vocabulary.

    I don’t think TEFLony or TEFLicious have been taken yet..? Oh! TEFLony: when you make up an explanation on the spot to appease or even trick an obnoxious student. Not recommended, but sometimes done and snickered about in the teachers’ room.

    More contributions on the way I hope.

  2. Alex Case says:

    Like it. Might borrow TEFLAYTRTW, as well.

  3. Alex Case says:

    The only TEFLony I have commited that comes to mind is when a student in London asked me “Some of the students are saying that the square with all the cinemas in is pronounced /lester/ square, not /lesester/ square. Is that right?” . I had such a fond spot for that mispronunciation by the whole school that I found myself saying “No, they are just winding you up”

    Still feel guilty about it. Also still makes me laugh…

  4. Katie says:


    Thanks, TEFLAYTRTW has a nice ring to it, what can I say – and there’s always a place for more acronyms. TEFLony does tend to come back to haunt you…my examples will stay a secret!

  5. Alex Case says:

    Any ideas for how to pronounce it?

  6. Alex Case says:


  7. Katie says:

    Is this an example of TEFLony? Oh I get it … yes, I think that could work, as long as I’m not wrong to pronounce the r!

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