Ask Auntie Alex- Solve all your troubles with TEFL Part Three

Busy, busy, busy, busy. A TEFL Agony Aunt’s work is never done. But does Auntie Alex let it get her down. Of course she doesn’t! There’s no need, when you have the tools of TEFL teaching to save the day. Can she do the same for our next troubled reader? Let’s see…

Dear Auntie Alex,

However do you find the time to rattle on about everything and nothing under the sun?

Have you found the secret of making the 85 hour day a reality (like the alchemists of yore who made gold out of base metal)? Or have you found an updated designer drug called TEFL that replaced the now outdated LSD?

Please spill the beans.

Tired & tense in Tunisia

Dear Tired and Tense

No need for all the flattery my dear! Not a drug, but as you guessed TEFL is the answer!

I like to look at my time in a country as having the same stages as a lesson plan. The first stage when you first arrive should be a warmer- make sure you do enough energetic and fun things to give you a good feeling about the place you are in, as a random example staying out for all night karaoke every Thursday night for almost an entire year.

The next stage of your lesson plan and your foreign stay is of course reception: whenever you are all warmed up with your fun and games/ sightseeing, it’s time to read a book and talk to more expert people at the reasons for all the things you have noticed such as cultural customs. Just as in English teaching, though, the level of input depends on your level- in this case meaning you are probably not ready for authentic materials (talking to cynical long termers in English-themed pubs) at this stage.

Finally, you are ready for production. To give two examples: starting a blog and/ or becoming a TEFL Agony Aunt.

Clear staging brings variety to your lessons and your life, and keeps energy levels up! I hope you can use this TEFL tip to put spice in your couscous too

All the best

Aunty Alex

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