Alternative ELT dictionary Part Three

Two new words, courtesy of Katie at TEFLogue:

Trinity-kins- Teachers fresh off the Trinity Certificate, with a innocent, childlike enthusiasm still in their eyes

CELToids- a new generation of impeccably-trained CELTA-trained pre-teaching machines ready to take over the world

Definitions are my own, but if you don’t comment soon they are going to become official.

Full dictionary here.

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One Response to Alternative ELT dictionary Part Three

  1. Katie says:

    Oh – I saw the other parts but not this one! I’m flattered that my two terms get a whole post to themselves. I like these definitions, and I know I’m ready to take over the world, so good call on the CELToid one.

    Actually, I have to give credit to a Canadian co-worker for coining or at least sharing that one with me. I know, Americans don’t like to give credit to anyone else, especially Canadians, so I’m doing this in the name of world peace.

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