rumours of big name transfers in the EFL league

So, Thierry Henry finally going to Barca, eh? And in the season when everyone had got so bored of the rumours that they had almost stopped talking about it. So maybe British Council Jeddah really are going to swoop for me, pay the escape clause in my contract and make me a 4 year 8-million dollar offer.

I guess there’d have to be whatever the English teaching equivalent of the medical exam is (get me to teach a lesson from inside a CAT scan machine?) before the signing on live television, and obviously I’d want to know who else they are planning on signing (I hear rumours that Pilgrims might try and cash in on Mario Rinvolucri before he can leave on a Bosman transfer next year and that Jeremy Harmer is looking for a player manager post).

Or maybe I will just continue being paid the same as every other teacher, however good or bad they may be, and just take my extra reward as the number of comments I get on my blog… It’s not like English teaching is the only profession in the world where you get no reward for extra work, and it might not even be the only one where people get paid more just for having an MA. More ranting on the world of the EFL MA coming up…

Come to think of it, I’m pretty much the same kind of teacher as I am football player. Anyone else?

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1 Response to rumours of big name transfers in the EFL league

  1. SandyMac says:

    I almost hit the big time here a couple of years back, when I got what I thought was an exciting offer from Sporting Club al-Mabrook. Unfortunately, there had been a cock-up in the translation process, and their appeal for a ‘Coach and Leader’ turned out to be a request for a bus-driver. Still, I got to see the games for free, and my driving skills improved no end!

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