Another day, another jumper

Someone else took their frustration out on the world by choosing rush hour to dive in front of the Tokyo-bound train again this morning. That’s one way of coping with pressure, I guess. It all makes me wonder- any Japanese people ever been so shy about speaking English in class they took the ultimate escape instead? The closest thing I have heard is an urban myth going round at my university that the reason the tower in the campus square was closed to visitors was that two Chinese students had taken a jump off it together, and then there is the classic story of people topping themselves off with a pencil during the exam…

I’ve certainly had Japanese students who seemed stressed enough in the class, starting with “Takeshi” on my first teaching course (CELTA). If you asked him a question he didn’t know but thought he should he would start drilling into the middle of his forehead with a knuckle and grunting, as if he was trying to physically pull the idea out of his head- and which point all the trainee teachers learnt about not putting too much focus on one student and letting the other students help him. Don’t know if he was asked to act up by the trainers to make sure we didn’t forget that important teaching point, but I might try that tactic next time I am a teacher trainer on the CELTA. You could have one student who pretends to have a panic attack everytime a grammar explanation was unclear, one student who falls asleep everytime the teacher drones on for 5 minutes without giving the students a chance to speak etc. etc. It’ll be like the SAS EFL training course. Coming soon!

Immoral? Insensitive? Ungrammatical? Let me know by clicking below:

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2 Responses to Another day, another jumper

  1. Marilan says:

    What tower?

  2. Alex Case says:

    The one at my university. I forget the name.

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