If you are feeling down about someone quitting your class

…to make you feel better, don’t worry, it’s probably not your teaching. Instead, it could be because:

- they were so embarrassed by a grammar mistake they made that they can never show their face in your class again

- all the smiling square jawed models in the textbook were making them jealous and depressed

- the world news that you talk about in class made them depressed

- they knew the Past Perfect was coming up and couldn’t bear to study it again

- they were feeling guilty about never trying any of your self-study tips

- they finally found out how much they could learn just by using those self-study tips

- they only took your class so they could use a particular idiom they learnt, and after three weeks they still haven’t managed to get it into conversation

- they only took your class so they could use a particular idiom they learnt, and they finally managed to use it

- they took your class to tell an ignorant foreign teacher about their country, and it turns out you know more about the country than they do

- they thought joining a class would give them the motivation they have lacked in the 25 years since they started learning English, and it unsurprisingly didn’t turn out to be the case

- they finally realised that it was much more important to spend time with their family/ learn Chinese/ get exercise/ cook a decent healthy dinner

- the IWB gave them headaches

- having to interact with other students gave them headaches

- they found out what football team you support

- they saw a movie based in the place you are from and became now convinced that you’d suddenly turn into a depressed nutter like the people in that film

- they saw a movie based in the place you are from and were disappointed that you are just an ordinary person who doesn’t do anything crazy or exciting

- they couldn’t bear seeing your cheap suit, shirt and shoes again

- you letched

- you letched the other students but not them

- they lost hope that you’d ever hit on them

- they tried to hit on another student and that person didn’t even notice

- one of their classmates beat them to the only eligible male/ female in the class

- they finally realised you are/ aren’t gay

- now that you’re one year older, they don’t fancy you anymore

- they realised that blond hair wasn’t worth ten times the price of a Filipino Skype teacher

- you smell

- whatever it is you use to hide your smell smells even worse

- they read your blog

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